How to Use the Daily News for Your Classroom

Daily News

Daily News is a popular newspaper that provides an in-depth look at the news and events of the day, week, month, and year. It is available on a number of platforms, including digital and print.

Designed for students of diverse learning styles, this resource helps students develop skills in reading, critical thinking and communication through news articles. Teachers can use this content for instruction in a variety of subjects, from English to science and social studies.

The Daily News features breaking news stories from across the world on topics ranging from science, health and technology to business and culture. It is a great source for informational text that can help students strengthen their reading skills in the areas of understanding the main idea, retelling and summarizing.

How to write a news article

The first step in writing a news story is creating a compelling headline that will catch the attention of the reader and keep them reading. A headline can be as simple or as elaborate as you like, and it should encapsulate the important points of the story in a short, clear statement.

A news article should include the following elements: a clear headline, supporting paragraphs that explain the main idea of the news, and a brief conclusion that summarizes or ties the main ideas together. The news article should also be written in a way that makes it easy for the reader to follow and understand.

How to choose a news topic for your classroom

The key to choosing a news story for your class is to consider how it will interest students and how it will be relevant to their lives. For example, a story about a student’s success in a math competition could be very interesting to middle school students, while a story about a student’s struggles with anxiety might be more appealing to high schoolers.

How to find a good source for your news article

A good source for your school’s news story should provide a clear, credible account of the events in question. This means that it should be backed by journalistic practices and have an editorial process.

How to find a good news website for your class

For students to gain a more complete and credible picture of the events in their community or the world, they should read sources that are reputable. These websites will give them an opportunity to explore their own beliefs and opinions on the latest events.

How to identify a hard news story and a soft news story

A hard news story is full of factual information about a specific event or situation, and it will be very easy to find on the Internet. A soft news story is less factual and will focus more on the human aspect of a certain event or situation.

How to determine the reading level of a news article

The text measure for a news article can range from 400L (low) to 1000L (high). A low-level article will be written in simpler, easier words and is a great option for students with limited reading skills.