Live Casino Games


Streaming live casino games online is a great way to experience the thrill of a casino game without ever leaving your home. These games allow you to interact with a real life dealer through your computer or mobile device. There are a variety of games available to play at live casinos, which are designed to replicate the action found at traditional casinos.

The most popular casino game that lends itself to a live dealer is roulette. The ball spins on the wheel, which is filmed by special cameras. The game then begins with the player selecting a seat and choosing the chip value. Once the game begins, the player has the option of betting on the dealer’s hand or making a side bet. Once the dealer’s hand is decided, the player will know the results in seconds.

Baccarat is less popular than other live dealer games, but a few online casinos offer it. This game is also known as “Dual Play” because it allows on-site players to join in with online players. This is a growing interest among Live Casino operators.

One of the most popular live online casino games is Infinite Blackjack. This game allows players to play against a live dealer and can be played for as much as $2,500 per hand. The game allows you to select your chip value and betting spot and is played according to standard blackjack rules. The dealer will also be filmed, which means you can watch him spin the wheel and interact with him in real time. The game offers several options for winning, including a side bet, a progressive side bet, a run, and a pair bet. There are also special payouts available, including those for suited cards and runs.

Everygame Casino offers 10 live dealer tables. These games include roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. The live dealer tables are hosted by professional dealers. Each of these dealers is professionally trained and offers a seamless HD feed. Players can communicate with the dealer through a chat window.

Live casino games require a considerable investment in technology. The game controls, which are also known as the Game Control Unit, are the most important component of a live casino. The Game Control Unit encodes the broadcast video, which helps the dealer run the game. This is done with special software that transforms the video to be compatible with a live stream. The game control unit is also responsible for allowing you to place wagers, as well as managing the responsive video feed.

Several online casinos also offer the popular game of Three Card Poker. This is a traditional game, but is a lot of fun for both experts and novices. The game is played against a dealer, and players need to beat the dealer’s hand in order to win. There are several ways to win, including a progressive side bet, a pair bet, a suited card bet, and a run. There are also special payouts for a straight, a flush, and a three card poker hand.