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The New York Daily News is one of the United States’ leading daily newspapers. Its circulation reaches more than 200,000 readers every day. In addition to its news coverage, the paper also offers sports and opinion writing, as well as classified ads. Founded in 1919, the Daily News is headquartered in Lower Manhattan at 4 New York Plaza.

During its early years, the Daily News was known for its raucous and lively newsroom. This included the newspaper’s famous four-faced clock, which still appears today. But it was during the mid-1970s that the Daily News began a series of shifts in its editorial stance and its mission. While the paper was a staunch Republican newspaper for many decades, it gradually shifted from a conservative to a moderate-liberal voice. Eventually, the Daily News was forced to lay off more than half its newsroom staff and cut back its printing capacity.

At its peak, the Daily News had a circulation of 2.4 million copies a day. As a result, the paper’s circulation was the largest in the U.S. and, with its strong political and social coverage, it grew in popularity.

The Daily News was also known for its sensational crime and social intrigue coverage. It was also home to a large number of photographs, particularly those that featured lurid images of crime. For example, a reporter strapped a camera to his leg and took a photograph of the execution of a prisoner in a New York jail. His photo was headlined “DEAD!” and the story appeared in the Daily News.

In 1993, the Daily News was acquired by media mogul Mortimer B. Zuckerman, a real estate developer who bought the newspaper out of bankruptcy. He has since sold it to Tronc, the publishing operation of the former Tribune Company.

Tronc purchased the Daily News from Zuckerman in 2017 for $1. Since then, the newspaper has undergone a major restructuring. The former owners slashed pay, reduced newsroom staff and imposed furloughs.

Despite its struggles, the Daily News is one of the most popular daily newspapers in the country. In 2017, the paper won the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service. And, in recent years, it has also become a moderate-to-liberal voice of the left.

As of 2016, the newspaper had a circulation of more than 200,000. The New York Daily News’s mission has always been to chronicle life in the five boroughs of New York. Through its journalism, the paper has given a voice to those who are voiceless and has provided comfort to those who have been afflicted by tragedies.

The Daily News is an excellent news source for those with time constraints. With an interactive digital replica of the print version, the newspaper can be accessed on computers and mobile devices. The newspaper also offers its users the opportunity to share stories via email. Users can also download an edition for reading offline.

The Daily News has long been a major competitor with the New York Post. However, the Daily News has gained a reputation as a more moderate-to-liberal alternative to the right-wing Post.